1-1 Coaching

I believe in a me-to-we approach to a happy, healthy classroom. 

Prioritizing Educators

Not all teachers find it easy to prioritize their own needs. Over the years, I have seen that there is a genuine blindspot where this is concerned, as many teachers push themselves out of the priorities list in order to help others. But ignoring ourselves to help others only works for so long. Over time, as the years progress the mind and body start saying, “no.” I’m here to help teachers and administrators return to themselves, to refill their cup so that they can continue on their path as teachers.


Curriculum Development

Lesson Plans


Project Based Learning

Preventive & Proactive Classroom Management

Parent/Teacher/Student Dynamics


Executive Functioning


Do you need someone to support you in classroom management, teaching to a neurodiverse population, differentiating instruction, or engaging unmotivated students? Are you feeling overwhelmed, and at a loss for how to empower your students with learning challenges?

As a veteran educator myself, I know how challenging it can be to hold good intentions for our next generation yet feel frustrated and discouraged by the process. I can relate to the experience of ending a long day in the classroom feeling like you missed the mark. You struggle to deliver the lessons you planned for in a room of distraction and dysregulation. Instead you wind up tangled in classroom management processes that in the end remain ineffective. Your lesson plan backfires, the students stay unengaged, and you leave the work day feeling as if you never got things under control. Instead you feel like you failed and that cycle repeated leaving you overwhelmed and burnt out. Believe me, I get it. I’m here to support you in changing these patterns by creating systems that succeed and have you leaving work feeling effective and fulfilled.

When you find your inner calm, you can pass that on to your classroom. When a classroom goes from chaos to calm, teachers can focus on what they love: teaching.

Here's a glance at what to expect from a 1:1 session:

  • 1We start with discovery, uncovering, and identifying the highest priority pain points. Together we set goals to help you make the necessary changes to alleviate those pain points.
  • 2Next, we create a roadmap toward your goals with clearly defined steps.
  • 3Then you learn body-based tools for yourself
  • 4After that you learn how to apply those tools to your classroom.
  • 5Finally, we follow up to help you stay on track and make adjustments where needed.


We will take time to connect in a mutually trusting relationship where collaboration, authenticity, heartfelt conversation, and critical questioning are the focal points in forming our relationship. I will put my 21 years as an educator, administrator, school founder and author to work during every session. I guarantee you will not only be given new tools, approaches, and perspectives for your profession as an educator, but will discover new ways to live a happier and healthier life.

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