Mindfulness-based movement has benefits beyond focus, with practices like Tai Chi empirically shown to reduce stress, improve physical health, and enhance cognitive functioning.

Why Tai Chi?

This centuries-old mind-body Chinese martial art has been getting attention in the Western world lately. But can movements with names like "waving hands like clouds" and "dragons stirring in the wind" really be transformative? Tai Chi appears to go beyond that and, with multiple health benefits, may be the anecdote for this fast-paced world. The science has finally caught up with the practice, and here's what it has to say.

What Does Current Research Say?

Mental Health & Focus

  •  Improves Attention Span
  • Reduces Hyperactivity
  • Reduces Anxiety

Social & Emotional Learning

  • Improves Self Management
  • Improves Self Awareness
  • Self Esteem

Mind & Body Connection

  • Enhances  Proprioception
  • Promotes Spatial Awareness
  • Develops Balance

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